Managed Accounts

Power to the portfolio.
Let our powerful algorithms automate your portfolio rebalancing and advice workflows, giving you more time for clients… or the beach. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about balance.
Openmarkets Managed Accounts – oh wait, here's that clock balancing some money again. Seems to be glowing pink. Never seen that before. Anyone got a Geiger counter handy?

Features and benefits

Reimagine portfolio management and advice workflows.

Intelligent automation in the cloud

Transform your business, improve client outcomes and save a heap of time with our rapid rebalancing technology that works with your investment management systems to automate portfolio rebalancing and management.
  • Enterprise grade rebalancing technology
  • Optimise at speed with compliance in mind
  • Supports adviser or discretionary accounts, IMA (individually managed accounts) or MDA (managed discretionary accounts)

Portfolio personalisation and scalability

Suit the needs of both you and your different clients with personalised or model portfolios on a fit-for-purpose basis.
  • Model or personalised portfolios
  • Gain efficiencies of scale
  • Easy to explain portfolio visualisations

White-labelled, automated advice

Gain end-to-end control and scaling of custom advice, workflows and reports (including ROAs), with your branding front and centre.
  • Scale advice and execution with compliance in mind
  • Manage business rules and permissions
  • Build on your own branded client experience

User-friendly investment dashboard

All your client and portfolio data in one place for powerful and intuitive search, research and client management.

Comprehensive compliance and security

Underpinned by enterprise grade data security, privacy and compliance in every data packet and piece of code.

Supercharge your stack

Natively integrate with our ecosystem of complementary tools for orders, risk, compliance account opening and customer management. Our local development team are on hand to help create exactly what you need.
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