About Openmarkets.

We open your market potential.
Grow your business by ensuring your clients have best-in-class wealth access.
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What we do.

Openmarkets is one of Australia’s largest retail brokers, clearing more than $50 billion in trades annually across more than 200,000 accounts.

Much more than that, we provide a full range of white-labelled technology solutions across onboarding, order management, managed accounts, risk management, client management and advice. 

Openmarkets about us powering productivity

Powering productivity.

White-labelled solutions that put you in front.

We've developed a state-of-the-art toolset to increase efficiency, such as our AI-driven risk management for options trading, our fully featured cloud-based CRM with financial modelling and advice documentation built in, and our next generation advice tool that uses next generation statistical techniques to model thousands of portfolios in seconds. 

Openmarkets about us removing friction

Removing friction.

Integrations that streamline your workflows.

Individually, each of our products are elite athletes, but they work together better than an Olympic relay team. An integrated Openmarkets toolset saves you time while reducing error and risk, so you can spend more time on the stuff that matters – like talking to your clients. We’re more than the sum of our parts – and we’ve got great parts!

Openmarkets about us bundled savings

Bundled savings.

Combine our solutions to save.

Not only do our products play together well – it pays to have them together, too. Bundle them up for extra savings, even greater return on investment and the ease of having one place for all your tools.

Openmarkets about us home of the disrupters

Home of the disrupters.

API solutions that have changed the game.

We re-engineered execution, clearing and settlement with state-of-the-art tech to significantly reduce brokerage costs. Fintechs can easily connect to the market via our APIs and deliver affordable trading to many Australians.  We’re simply the home of anyone who wants the smartest solutions available, opening up market potential and scalability.

Get that feeling.

We're the proud flagship of the OMG family, and a key part of its mission: accelerating access to wealth creation.

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