Openmarkets offers a curated list of equity capital markets (ECM) opportunities that you can make available to your customers. These cover both Australian listed securities, and unlisted investments, including:

  • Pre-IPOs
  • Initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Institutional and private placements
  • Convertible notes and hybrids
  • Entitlement offers

Recent capital markets offers

Your verified sophisticated investor clients can gain access to the full gamut of capital markets deals, while all your customers can get in on the action that's not restricted to wholesale and sophisticated investors. Here's some recent deals we've accessed for clients.

Date Issue ASX Symbol Size (approximate) Comment
18-Dec-23 Westpac Convertible Notes 10 WBCPM $1.75bn BBSW + 310bps
18-Dec-23 Westpac Convertible Notes 6 WBCPI $1.4bn Reinvestment offer into WBCPM
28-Nov-23 Australian Unity Bonds Series E AYUHE $180m BBSW +250bps
16-Nov-23 Judo Capital Notes JDOPA $75m BBSW +650bps
15-Sep-23 NAB Capital Notes 7 NABPJ $1.2bn BBSW +280bps
13-Jun-23 CBA PERLS 16 CBAPM $1.5bn BBSW +300bps

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