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Developed by market experts

Used by some of Australia’s biggest fintechs, we let you create bespoke trading experiences for customers while supporting you with our web-based APIs, either REST-based or streaming.
  • We’ve radically reduced the cost of trading
  • One of Australia’s largest retail brokers
  • Our proprietary technology gives you the edge
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Open FIX and REST APIs

Choose the web services that suit your needs, whether you’re a broker, robo-adviser, automated investment app or any other web or mobile app.
  • Mobile and web app integration
  • Multiple integration points
  • Secure, reliable and extensible
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Secure, global DMA

Gain direct market access to the ASX, Cboe Australia, NSX and even international markets, including macroeconomic data and forex.
  • Full suite of order management requests
  • Live data and securities information
  • Market news and announcements
  • Access trading and bank accounts, client details, holdings, and contract notes
We'll be your back office

We'll be your back office

We’re more than APIs. We’re your market-facing solutions partner, or broker-as-a-service, if you will. We customise solutions to suit your needs so you won’t even need an ops or back office team.

High availability, low latency

High availability, low latency

Assumptions, inputs, outputs, documents and even the user interface can be customised to put your unique project and brand front and centre. Or keep our pink flowers for that ‘not-your-usual-advisor’ look.

Easier than you think

Easier than you think

With combined centuries of market experience in our ranks, we’ve heard a lot but we’re always happy to discuss novel solutions to help you and your customers access and accelerate their wealth potential.

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