We're API-driven and focused on removing friction so you can integrate easily to, and between, our products and customise them. Check out the technical details below and watch this space as we build more APIs.

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Trading and market data API

Some of the biggest fintech names in trading use our APIs to connect to the market via our platform, so they can focus on delivering great products and customer experience.

Back Office data

Connect to cash, holdings, contracts, ledgers, chess registration information - all the important back-office information.

Market data

Access to up-to-date securities data across Australian and International markets. Time series data, market depth, trade data. Live or delayed data available.


If you have a news subscription, you can access it via this API. You can get headlines only, text stories and links to news documents.  Most vendors are supported including Bloomberg, AAP News, ASX company reports.

Order management

Manage your entire order lifecycle from creation to completion. We support complex order strategies such as stop-loss and one-cancels-another.

Who's already using our APIs

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