Words that keep us all safe.
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We love accessible legals, because they exist to protect us all. We try to make ours as easy to understand as possible. 

Read before you trade anything

You should read and understand the below before you open an account with us. Fo' real. 

Client agreement

Outlines the terms and conditions of Openmarkets trading services, including CHESS Sponsorship agreement.

Financial services guide

Summary of fees and transactional terms and conditions.

Best execution policy

Our duty and policy to ensure the best execution for clients.

Read if you're looking to trade options

If you're interested in trading options, you're entering a whole new level of risk that you should understand before entering into. Make sure you've read the following before applying for access to options trading. 

Derivatives client agreement

If you want to trade derivatives, the only thing that's not an option is reading this (and some other legal docs). We'll give you a treat if you spot a typo.

Options product disclosure statement

Outlines the terms and conditions for trading options and the different types of options you can trade at Openmarkets.

ASX booklet: Understanding options trading

If you have applied to trade options you must first read and understand ASX’s explanatory booklet. It provides general information about trading in options and the associated risks involved.

ASX booklet: Understanding warrants

If you have applied to trade warrants, you must download, read and understand this explanatory booklet. It provides general information about investing warrants and the associated risks involved.

Target market determination

This doc describes who our ETOs are suitable for and how we decide this, as well as how they might be distributed to customers. 

Information about ANZ Cashactive accounts

ANZ Cashactive accounts are integrated with customers' trading accounts that are managed by Openmarkets, so through which funds can be deposited for or withdrawn. Below is some more information for end customers on whose behalf these accounts are opened. 

How do I use my ANZ Cashactive account?

How do I withdraw money from my ANZ Cashactive account?

Looking for a form?

You should go to our forms library! Unlike a boring normal library, you can borrow as many forms as you like, whenever you like. You don't even need a library card.

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