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Our stochastically modelled, goals-based advice tech lets you rapidly project the future thousands of times for hundreds of investment strategies, while optimising client outcomes at user-selected confidence levels. Our engaging interface helps put your clients’ best future at your fingertips.
Openmarkets Advice man in a chair is to become an iconic image of wisdom and advice. He's also surrounded with a bit of a lilac halo to offset his rugged features and just give him an air of general pizzazz. Looks pretty comfy, too.

Features and benefits

Stochastic fantastic.

More confidence. Less risk. Better outcomes.

Get the best possible future at your fingertips using our stochastic modelling and proprietary algorithm – this lets your client choose the level of confidence in projections (e.g. 95%), while traditional modelling only provides projections fixed at around 50%. More confidence and less risk means more money for both you and your clients.
  • User-defined confidence level lets you drive
  • Improve compliance with objective risk profiling
  • Increase portfolio outcomes

Ultra-fast portfolio optimisation

We rapidly model potential outcomes thousands of times for up to 1,000 investment strategies to compare results at the chosen level of confidence.
  • Demonstrate the value of your advisory services
  • Help meet Best Interest Duty
  • Lower your cost of advice

Simple and engaging

Our intuitive user interface is designed be used as either an adviser-led experience or a self-directed client tool for lead-generation or value-add. Both you and your clients will enjoy the combination of confidence and control.
  • Improve client engagement
  • Initial engagement and ongoing reviews
  • Lead generation and referral opportunities

Standalone or integrated

Use on its own or as part of a best-in-breed suite of tools including a CRM and SoA generation to further improve compliance, reduce errors and increase your advice efficiency. Shiro or Voltron? Either way you’ll be cool.

Highly configurable

Assumptions, inputs, outputs, documents and even the user interface can be customised to put your unique project and brand front and centre. Or keep our pink flowers for that ‘not-your-usual-advisor’ look.

Optimise your clients

Increase your market size or home in on your niche by choosing from simple portfolio value or whole of life financial projection and optimise to confidence level, legacy, retirement income and more.
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Reviewed by KPMG.

In 2017 we commissioned an independent review of our investment simulation and key calculations which was performed by KPMG.


Expand your market however you like.

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When incorporated into your advice process, OM Advice improves client outcomes, client engagement, compliance and efficiency. Also, host a version on your website for great client engagement and lead generation.

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Looking to extend your market by serving the 80% of Australians who currently do not get advice? Talk to us about how we could help you offer simplified, self-directed, low-cost advice to a huge untapped market segment.

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Enterprise API integrations

Use our APIs to integrate with your client database and perform regular advice reviews automatically and create more engagement and contact with (and value from) your clients. Click here for developer information.

Current approaches to modelling client goals means investors may as well flip a coin. Openmarkets Advice is a powerful tool that provides much greater confidence to investors – and importantly, provides a much more engaging conversation between an adviser and their clients.

—Allianz Retire+

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Build to our API or simply plug and play.

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We’re 95% confident you’ll never look back, but only 5% sure that tattoo will look as good in 20 years.

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