A new trading experience has arrived at OpenMarkets.

Introducing OpenMarkets Equix.

Our exciting new web-based trading platform with enriched trading and market analysis tools ?in a stylish widget-based customisable interface – with access to trade US stocks!

  • Fully configurable trade screen
  • Enriched market analysis tools
  • More market information and news
  • More order management functionality
  • And??access to US stock markets! (must apply)

Start using OpenMarkets Equix today

Please indicate below if you would like to participate in the beta launch of OpenMarkets Equix and/or apply for US trading access.

Please note:

  • If you choose to switch to Equix, you?will no longer?be able to access WebTrader (you can however revert back to WebTrader at any time by contacting OpenMarkets)
  • Once you have been enabled for Equix you will receive a confirmation email the next trading day along with the login information. At that point, your access to WebTrader will be disabled.
  • If you apply for US trading access, please download and read the OpenMarkets International Securities Trading Terms and Conditions?and Financial Services Guide.? You will also need to complete a W-8 Form for tax purposes and return to OpenMarkets. (You will be provided this form in your confirmation email). Learn more about W-8 forms.
  • Only after your W-8 Form has been received, you will you be enabled for US trading access. You will receive an email confirmation notifying you of this.
  • To enable US trading for joint accounts all account holders must opt-in and consent to OpenMarkets international terms and conditions.