Openpals: Maqro

In this series we’re talking to our clients to get their personal take on what they’re up to, where the industry’s going and things they’ve found along the way. We ask the founder of Maqro Capital, Conrad Song, about his investment research, trading and advisory firm and how it removes barriers to investing.

Tell us a little bit about Maqro and some of the recent developments you've introduced.

Maqro is a financial services group offering:

  1. Wealth management services
  2. Online ASX research and recommendations
  3. Corporate finance (IPOs, pre-IPOs & early stage) opportunities

Whilst our more traditional services have been operating for the last seven years, we have been working very hard to introduce two major products: a fintech mobile application to offer a superior trading and research experience and a Global Macro Retail Managed Fund. We’re about 2-3 months away, so very excited about these developments.

What do you think will happen in the industry over the next few years? What big trends or changes do you foresee?

The new generation of investors that has been onboarded onto the stock market via discount brokerage will experience a natural development (or mature) as they experience the different cycles of the market. I think these younger investors will realise discount brokerage isn’t what makes you money, nor is it just good UX/UI. And although these factors are extremely important, quality investments into the right companies – at the right price, and the right amounts – is ultimately what they will seek out in a product. And this is where we have focused our product development.

What keeps you up at night? What do you worry about in the industry?

I think it’s the negative reputation a company can get from a disappointing industry that I worry about. As the competition grows and more companies participate in this space, it won’t be long before someone makes a mistake, knowingly or unintentionally. Its these bad apples that I worry will make things harder for good companies to maintain trust and credibility with the market.

Why did you choose Openmarkets? What do you like about its people and its tools (not the same thing...)?

We initially chose Openmarkets because of the rates... it allowed us to maintain competitive rates amongst our peers, and as a startup that was a very powerful thing. However, over time, it was the focus on technology that kept us with Openmarkets. I’ve been pitched to take my business elsewhere many times, but the people at Openmarkets have always had a supportive approach to our business. We were never once treated as any less of a client because of our size, and it’s that type of character that I see not only amongst the senior level people but also mid to junior level employees that we deal with. Dealing in financial markets is stressful and can sometimes be tedious, and Openmarkets has always worked alongside Maqro to ensure we get the service we need.

What are you most proud of at Maqro?

The people. Maqro wouldn’t exist without them, nor would I want it to. The people of Maqro have shown not only loyalty to their work or the company, but have personally shown to me true friendship. And that is something I will cherish long after this journey.

Tell us an unexpected fact about yourself.

I can serenade an audience with “Air on G” by Bach on the violin.

What few words of advice would you give your 25-year-old self if you were starting in the industry now?

Take time to spend with your family even when you’re too busy to.

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