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Podcast – Andrea Marani | CEO of OpenMarkets

Andrea Marani, CEO of OpenMarkets and longtime operator in the financial services space. A South African at heart, the now Aussie financial operator has many runs on the…..

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What are Chi-X TraCRs and how do they work?

TraCRs (pronounced ‘tracers’) stands for Transferable Custody Receipts. They are an innovative new securities class exclusively quoted on the Chi-X  exchange that….

5 Reasons traders use algos

In the trading world or at least the world of OpenMarkets algos are used by investors via the platforms open APIs. They are programs which…


TraCRs: the innovative new product class from Chi-X that provides access to US stocks.

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Magellan on their 3 Global Active ETFs & top picks for global stocks

Wealth O2: the alternative solution to the wrap platform

Company News

OpenMarkets clients first to access NSX via mobile trading app

OpenMarkets Australia, a digital investing platform with more than 30,000 accounts, is the first to offer clients the ability to invest

OpenMarkets announces launch of Equix

OpenMarkets Australia, a digital ASX trading platform with more than 30,000 retail and intermediary trading accounts, has launched a new trading platform, OpenMarkets Equix.

OpenMarkets announces agreement with Agility Applications to support growth agenda

Digital trading platform OpenMarkets has announced an agreement with Agility Applications…..

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