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OpenMarkets Monthly Trading Report – May 2019

Introducing OpenMarkets monthly trading report. Each month we will be bringing you trading insights into our top traded stocks and ETFs by our customers.



Podcast – Andrea Marani | CEO of OpenMarkets

Andrea Marani, CEO of OpenMarkets and longtime operator in the financial services space. A South African at heart, the now Aussie financial operator has many runs on the…..

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What are Chi-X TraCRs and how do they work?

TraCRs (pronounced ‘tracers’) stands for Transferable Custody Receipts. They are an innovative new securities class exclusively quoted on the Chi-X  exchange that….

5 Reasons traders use algos

In the trading world or at least the world of OpenMarkets algos are used by investors via the platforms open APIs. They are programs which…


TraCRs: the innovative new product class from Chi-X that provides access to US stocks.

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Magellan on their 3 Global Active ETFs & top picks for global stocks

Wealth O2: the alternative solution to the wrap platform

Company News

OpenMarkets announces launch of Equix

OpenMarkets Australia, a digital ASX trading platform with more than 30,000 retail and intermediary trading accounts, has launched a new trading platform, OpenMarkets Equix.

OpenMarkets announces agreement with Agility Applications to support growth agenda

Digital trading platform OpenMarkets has announced an agreement with Agility Applications…..

OpenMarkets adopts Bloomberg EMSX for Global Equity Liquidity and Execution Services

Digital brokerage platform OpenMarkets has taken a crucial step to open up its platform to overseas….

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