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Podcast – Andrea Marani | CEO of OpenMarkets

Andrea Marani, CEO of OpenMarkets and longtime operator in the financial services space. A South African at heart, the now Aussie financial operator has many runs on the board with organisations like Investec, Rabobank, Shaw & Partners, plus Global Trader.

This chat with Andrea offers an interesting look into his background and wealth of experience across financial markets. We covered numerous topics, including:

1. What he misses about South Africa and why he moved to Australia
2. Early memories of making wine
3. Highlights of his career
4. The impact of technology on financial markets
5. Open Markets and its focus
6. New products he’s excited about


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Company News

OpenMarkets announces agreement with Agility Applications to support growth agenda

Digital trading platform OpenMarkets has announced an agreement with Agility Applications…..

OpenMarkets appoints Chief Technology Officer

Australia’s most connected digital stockbroker OpenMarkets today announced the appointment of Dr Robert Lang to the new role of Chief Technology Officer….

OpenMarkets adopts Bloomberg EMSX for Global Equity Liquidity and Execution Services

Digital brokerage platform OpenMarkets has taken a crucial step to open up its platform to overseas….

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