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Fintrest is a Sydney based investment company that helps individuals build and manage their own investment portfolios. Their mission is to make the rewards of personal, active and responsible investing available to all.

Fintrest provides a comprehensive, user-friendly and informative investment platform. It provides you with an investing framework that is easy to understand, simple to implement and straightforward to monitor.

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How it works

Set Up

You complete an objective for your portfolio


We provide some investment ideas for inspiration and as a basis for further research


You decide if you want to make an investment through the platform


We provide the portfolio analysis, assessment, insights and supporting information


You monitor and manage your investments

About Fintrest

We recognised a couple of years ago that there was a growing community of younger people who were interested in managing their own investments but they didn’t know where to start.  We researched the market and confirmed that they wanted more control, they wanted to make decisions appropriate for their own goals and circumstances, and they wanted to invest in line with their values.  They didn’t want an ongoing relationship with a financial adviser and they didn’t want to pay high fees.

We built Fintrest for these people.  Fintrest is a digital investment platform that helps independent people build and manage their own investment portfolios.  It provides investment ideas, portfolio management tools, educational material, news and risk analysis.  With these tools we believe anyone can manage their own share portfolio in less than 5 minutes a day.  While we were inspired by investors seeking to start investing, this is a tool that would be useful for any investor in the share market including people with SMSFs.

Our guiding principles are engagement, education and empowerment.   Through compelling, invaluable and exceptionally delivered content we aim to inform and educate our investors in principles and practices that underpin their confidence and success.

In building the platform we’ve adopted and simplified many of the tools used by professional long term investors.  Users can see how their investments are progressing with simple graphs and dashboards and keep up to date with the latest news and developments that may impact their portfolios.  We’ve also created an extensive education platform on key investment principles and practices.

OpenMarkets powers the trading capability, allowing investors to trade and manage their share portfolio within a single application. We partnered with OpenMarkets as it offers a comprehensive and proven trading platform, open technology, and a very competitive brokerage rate of $9.95 with no minimum orders.

Individuals all have unique circumstances and therefore unique investment goals.  We believe the best person to decide on an individual’s investments is that person. They understand their needs and circumstances the best.  Our platform gives them the framework to do this, using technology to provide the relevant information and tools, and enabling them to achieve greater financial freedom and control.

OpenMarkets provides trade execution and ancillary services to Fintrest and its clients.  Fintrest services described on this page are provided by Fintrest only and not OpenMarkets.  OpenMarkets does not hold any responsibility for the Fintrest services.