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Brokerage, software fees & other charges

Stocks, ETPs & Warrants

$13.95 or 0.07%

PER TRADE (including GST)

ASX, Chi-X & NSX

Exchange Traded Options

$28 or 0.28%^

PER TRADE (including GST)

Bought Puts/Calls & Covered Calls only

Trading Platforms & Software Fees

Fees and charges for the licensing of third party trading software.




IRESS ViewPoint

IRESS Professional

Retail fees
(inc GST)






Professional/ Intermediaries fees (inc GST)






*Base fee. For add-on features please see the table below.


Australian Shares, ETPs and Warrants

Trade ExecutionBrokerage Fee (including GST)MinimumAbove Minimum
Online Trading (Australian Residents)Min. $13.95 or 0.07% per trade $13.95 up to $19,930 transaction value0.07% above $19,930
Online Trading (Overseas Residents)Min. $20.00 or 0.10% per trade$20.00 up to $20,000 transaction value0.10% above $20,000
One-Off Sales (Issuer Holdings)Min. $200.00 or 1.5% per trade$200.00 up to $15,000 transaction value1.5% above $15,000

*Wholesale rates available for active traders and financial intermediaries. Please contact sales@openmarkets.com.au or call 1300 769 433 to discuss.

Exchange Traded Options

Trade ExecutionBrokerage Fee (including GST)MinimumAbove Minimum
Online Trading - Exchange Traded OptionsMin. $28.00 or 0.28% per trade,
exercise or assignment
$28.00 up to $20,000 transaction value0.28% above $20,000 transaction value

^ASX Clear charges a registration fee of $0.143 per equity option contract, including GST. If you exercise or are assigned on an equity option position, ASX Clear charges an exercise fee of $0.055 per contract, including GST. In the case of index options, ASX Clear charges a registration fee of $0.495 per contract and an exercise fee of $0.385 per contract (both inclusive of GST). The exact cost of your transaction will be disclosed on your confirmation.

Please refer to our Financial Services Guide for more information about our fees.

Platform Add-on Features

Additional features available on IRESS platforms:License fees (including GST)
AAP Newswire$55 per month
ASX CommNews$38.50 per month
ASX 24 (Futures) Depth$96.80 per month
Dow Jones Newswire$55 per month
Dow Jones International Newswire$82.50 per month
Excel plugin$55 per month
International Markets Live$82.50 per month
Mobile App Access$55 per month
OTW Order Pad (fast order pad)$275 per month

Other Fees

Account opening fee for foreign residents$200 per accountIf you are based outside Australia and wish to establish a trading account with OpenMarkets.
International Telegraphic Transfer$100 per transactionWhen you request that OpenMarkets pays funds into an international bank account in your name.
IPO settlement handling fee$33 per transactionFee charged for handling the settlement of an IPO on your behalf, upon request.
Stock loan fee$250 per stockFor settlement purposes to facilitate ASX obligations in relation to holding positions overnight.
Settlement Fail - Buy or Sell$110 or 0.1% per day (which ever is greater)If you do not settle a trade or supply holder information by the required time, fail fees will be charged to your account.
Off Market Transfer$27.50 per transferIf you wish to transfer securities between other entities and your OpenMarkets CHESS account.
One-Off Issuer Sales$200 or 1.5% per trade (which ever is greater)Brokerage charged per transaction on sell-only accounts of Issuer Sponsored holdings.

Please refer to our Financial Services Guide for more information about our fees.

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