We are pleased to inform you that after market orders functionality has been reinstated?in?the?WebTrader and Pulse platforms.

This means you can now place buy or sell orders?on the ASX?outside of market hours (market hours are 10:00am to 4:10pm AEST/AEDT,?Monday to Friday.)?Learn more about ASX?s?equity market phases.

Please note only ?Limit? order types can be accepted after market hours, with a limit price entered. A ?Market-to-Limit? order is only accepted during market hours.

How to place an after market order

Placing an after market order is simple:

  1. Simply log into WebTrader or Pulse during pre or post market hours
  2. Open an order pad and?select ?Limit? order type?and?enter your buy/sell order along with a limit price?(you will need to consider the last closing price)
  3. Your order will appear in the orders screen pending authorisation from our trading desk. (Orders can be amended or cancelled at any time as per usual)
  4. Orders will be reviewed by our trading desk by 9:00am AEST/AEDT on the next trading day and if accepted, will be?authorised and placed in the market in price-time priority
  5. Please always ensure to check that your order has been activated and is in the market.

For further assistance please contact our trading desk during business hours on 03 8199 7704 or?trading@openmarkets.com.au

Thank you for choosing to trade with OpenMarkets!

OpenMarkets Service Desk
P 1300 769 433