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Pat Garrett and Brian Watson founded Six Park in 2014 while working together at Mr. Watson’s investment management firm in Melbourne, Australia. Pat and Brian met in the mid-1990s while Brian was managing the global private equity and venture capital investment unit of JP Morgan (New York), and have been working together in Melbourne since 2001.

In June 2014, Pat and Brian started building a better solution for Australian investors. They decided they could no longer ignore a major problem in Australia’s investment management industry namely, that it was difficult, confusing, expensive and frustrating for most Australian investors to get professional, low-cost investment advice. Worse, there was ample evidence that investors best interests were not being looked after.

Six Park solves this problem by providing highly professional investment guidance and management that is on-line, low-cost and easy to use. Six Park is now a management team of seven, plus a world-class Investment Advisory Committee, chaired by Mr. Watson (former Chairman of JP Morgan Australia) and including Mr. Lindsay Tanner (former Minister of Finance) and Mr. Paul Costello (founding GM of the Australian Future Fund). The service combines the best of innovative technology, automation, sophisticated investment theory and human oversight, and is totally transparent about its offering and fees.

Phone: 1300 851 779
Category: robo-advice

SummaryRobo-advice platform.
AudienceRetail investors seeking low-cost automated investment management.
Minimum investment$10,000
Fees0.5% per annum if your account balance is between $10,000 - $199,999
0.4% per annum if your account balance is between $200,000 - $499,999
0.3% per annum if your account balance is $500,000+
Portfolio compositionPortfolios comprise up to seven asset classes, each of which has its own risk/reward profile.
How to joinThe first step is to complete a short online questionnaire. This helps Six Park understand your personal circumstances, financial goals and risk tolerance and also allows them to determine whether their investment portfolio options are appropriate for you. They match your responses to a recommended asset allocation strategy. Finally they take you through our simple online account set-up.
Investment managerSix Park’s investment advisory committee is made up of Brian Watson AO (former JP Morgan Australia Chairman), former Federal Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner, and Paul Costello, the founding General Manager of Australia's Future Fund.

Our Partnership

Six Park have been integrated with OpenMarkets for the past 3 years. After linking their proprietary systems to OpenMarkets Trading API they were able to take advantage of low brokerage fees, providing low-cost independent investment services to ordinary investors.

Six Park meet a growing market demand for modern investment solutions. By empowering firms such as Six Park, OpenMarkets provide an eco-system for the next generation investor or adviser who are increasingly turning to modern investing solutions.

The integration with OpenMarkets API provided Six Park the ability to seamlessly execute computer-generated trades directly from its own system with order confirmation, holding and transaction data sent back from OpenMarkets in real time. The result allows for a seamless automated experience for the user, while providing Six Park the scale and efficiencies it needs to offer its service on a wider scale.

OpenMarkets have developed a fantastic partnership with Six Park and are delighted to have such a high calibre team in our partner and connectivity network.

Patrick Garrett, Chief Executive Officer

“OpenMarkets was the natural choice for Six Park when we were choosing our trading partner. Andrea and his team reflect the principles and philosophy of our own business model, offering transparency and accountability on a low-cost, technology-driven platform. Their market-leading APIs have enabled Six Park to grow and expand in a scaleable and reliable way since our launch in 2016. “

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